Salient Features of a Maltese Company

Stamp Duty / Capital Gains Blanket exemption to non residents
Income tax rate Standard tax rate is 35% at corporate level. However upon a final distribution of dividends, the immediate shareholders are able to obtain a number of tax refunds, the default one being 6/7ths of the aforesaid 35% – thereby leading to an effective ultimate tax leakage of just 5%
International Business Yes – no restrictions
Official language / language of documents English
Operational objects Widest possible – with a focus on main trading activity
Minimum paid-up capital EUR 1165 (usually rounded up to EUR 1200) for ease of division of which a minimum 20% must be paid up – EUR 233
Recommended share capital No limitation – minimum authorized is EUR 1,165 (rounded up to EUR 1,200) for private companies
Government license fee Minimum registry fees for a limited liability company with an authorized share capital of less than EUR 1,500 is a one time fee of EUR 245
Share Capital Cash (any currency) or in kind. Non cash considerations must be preceded by an audior’s report – to ascertain the correct and true value of the consideration in kind
Bearer shares Not Permissible
Minimum number of directors One for private companies and two for public companies
Minimum number of Shareholders One
Non-resident directors Permissible
Corporate directors Permissible
Resident Directors Non Obligatory but recommended for tax purposes – effective management and control and substance requirements to be exercised in and from Malta
Register of Directors Held at the registered address of the Company
Register of Members Held at the registered address of the Company
Register of Members filed for public record Yes
Disclosure of beneficial owners to Registrar No
Disclosure of beneficial owners Yes – absolute disclosure must be provided and identification of the beneficiaries ascertained and ascertainable at all times. However, this is mitigated by strictest confidentiality rules
Holding of Annual General Meeting Obligatory – within 18 months from date of incorporation and 15 months thereinafter
Convention of Meetings of Directors / Members In Malta – but possible via teleconference link (if provided for in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company) or by proxy.
Proxy Yes
Corporate Minutes and Resolutions Held at the registered address of the Company
Corporate Seal No
Keeping of accounts Required – typically held on file for at least 10 years
Auditing of accounts Mandatory
Filing of accounts Mandatory
Access to double-tax avoidance treaties Accessible to all resident body corporates – includes companies and partnerships whose capital are divided into shares
Foreign exchange controls No
Redomiciliation Yes, both in and out of Malta
Incorporation time 24-48 hours